The essential foundation of Christian ministry is a person’s character and calling. Skills, knowledge, ministry practices and spiritual gifts emerge out of this personal core. Character and Calling are so central to life with God that they are placed at the heart of both Master’s level programs at Carey Theological College.

The MDiv program is designed around the heart of two core courses in Character and Call, assisting persons in discerning their call to vocational Christian ministry (inside and outside of the church). They also explore the spiritual, familial, ethical, emotional and character issues that enable a lifetime of faithfulness and enjoyment of Christian ministry. To this end, learning is highly personal, dialectic and discovery focused, where much more than academic competency is required.

The Ministry Leader as Person (FORM 500) is central to both the MDiv and MASF programs. The MDiv program requires, also, the “Health of the Minister and the Health of the Ministry” (FORM 501).

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