Rev. Warren Lai – Honorary Doctor of Divinity

Carey Theological College is pleased to announce that the 2017 Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree recipient is Reverend Warren Lai.  We honour Reverend Lai for his deep love of God and the Church. His life is an example of dedication to Biblical teaching and the exposition of Scripture. Through his teaching thousands have been challenged to authentic Christian leadership in various cultures and contexts. warren-laiReverend Lai has been a pastor and professor, serving the Lord in Hong Kong, the United States and Canada for over 40 years. His is an important voice for the North American Chinese church as the Director of the Hudson Taylor Centre at Tyndale Seminary.

While Reverend Lai’s commitment to exegesis and Biblical study is exemplary, his writing and teaching also focus on how faith will be encountered by future generations. Aware that culture and the Church are changing, Reverend Lai seeks to equip and prepare the next generation of Christian leaders for what lies ahead.

Carey Theological College is pleased to honor Reverend Lai for his lifetime of service to God and to the Church.

Please join us in celebrating Rev. Warren Lai as the Honorary Doctor of Divinity recipient to be presented in June 2017.

Rob Patterson
Rob is CAREY's Vice President of External Relations. His deep roots come from his work with CAREY and our partners in Kenya, and Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM). Rob brings leadership to CAREY. He was the Director of Alumni and Church Relations at Tyndale University College and Seminary (2010-2016). His wealth of experience and background is an asset to our communications and development department at CAREY. Give Rob a call, he'd love to connect. If you are in Vancouver, have a coffee with him.

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