My New Anxiety Mantra

Anxiety manifests physically before your brain can figure out what’s going on. You might feel it in your gut or in your breathing. But watch yourself to see what happens with you. Today I was doing supervision with a fellow psychologist and she asks 3 questions of herself when she is
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An Epic Moment — The Tension Was More Than I Could Stand

By the time I was 21, I had concluded that life had no meaning. I had grown up in the church, but I was cynical. I didn’t see Jesus in the life of the church, especially in race relations. I had briefly tried a life of partying and “having fun.” It wasn’t fun for me; it was empty, mea
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SI is Spiritual Intelligence

When I was a “lad” and a newish Christian I remember asking God for wisdom, what I now think of as “spiritual intelligence.” People who endure Ds and C-s throughout school perhaps pray for wisdom to escape the tyranny of grades. And I figured out that I was given this gift because wha
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