My New Anxiety Mantra

Anxiety manifests physically before your brain can figure out what’s going on. You might feel it in your gut or in your breathing. But watch yourself to see what happens with you. Today I was doing supervision with a fellow psychologist and she asks 3 questions of herself when she is
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Witness — To Be Seen Not Told

It was common in my Jesus movement days (60s and 70s) to wear long hair, flowered shirts, hippie sandals and to witness to “pagans.” Doesn’t sound very politically correct does it? But witnessing certainly made us feel in the right and powerful with people we were su
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How to Write a Carey Theological College Paper (Paddy Ducklow)

I can feel it in the air: we are in the pooch days of summer (“dog days” has been taken) and I wake up thinking that students will soon be pounding my door, actually dinging my email box. Faculty are postings posts so that incoming students can make sense of their eruditio
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