T – Admissions

Carey Theological College admits students on a selective basis. Applicants who meet the specific academic and suitability prerequisites of the program for which application is made, and are of affirmed Christian character, are eligible for admission.
Further information about admission to all academic programs of study at Carey Theological College may be obtained by contacting the Office of the Registrar at the following address:
Email: admissions@carey-edu.ca

Unclassified Students: Students whose application for admission has been submitted to the College may take up to 9 credit hours of study toward the MDiv or 6 credit hours of study toward the MASF prior to official admission. DMin students are permitted to take 6 credits prior to admission. Students from other colleges taking courses for transfer credit also fall into this category and do not need to make application.
Provisional Students: A student whose academic record does not match the requirements of the graduate program to which he or she has applied may be granted provisional admission to the program in order to establish their ability to complete the work at the required academic level. A student normally may remain in this category for only a specified number of credit hours, dependent upon the degree program. At the end of the specified number of credit hours, an assessment must be made either to remove the provisional status and grant the student admission to the program, or to deny admission to further studies. Each of the foundational courses must be completed with a minimum final grade of B-.
Regular Students: These are students who are admitted without restriction to one of Carey Theological College’s programs of study.
Mature Students: These are students of 30 years of age or older who do not have an undergraduate degree. Places for mature students are limited. Mature students will not be eligible for direct admission to a degree program; they must first complete a detailed Prior Learning Assessment (assessment of their knowledge, Christian service, life experience, and capacity for theological study at the graduate level). Any mature students who are accepted for admission will be admitted first on a provisional basis and must maintain a minimum final grade of B- on each course.
International Students: International students must meet the following four important admission requirements:
1. Academic: Official transcripts that provide adequate evidence of an academic standard equivalent of that required by Carey Theological College must accompany the application.
2. Language: The applicant whose first language is not English must submit satisfactory results in an approved language test [TOEFL, available from Education Testing Service, www.ets.org]. Scores must be sent directly to Carey by using code number 5981.
3. Finances: The applicant shall be required to give satisfactory evidence of sufficient financial resources to meet the current standards of Canadian immigration.
4. Status: Provide a photocopy of the Study Permit or Student Visa to the Registrar’s Office.
Full Time Students: For external purposes (e.g., student authorizations) full-time study is defined as 27 credit hours per academic year (September to August) or 9 credit hours per term for 3 terms in a school year.
Inactive Students: A student is classified as inactive if he/she has not completed one Carey course within 12 months of the completion date of their last course, or the date of withdrawal from their last course. After three years of inactivity, students will be removed from the program and must re-apply for admission.
Continuing Education Students (CBWC): Carey courses may be taken to fulfill the continuing education requirement for ministers who are credentialed by the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada.