To Stand for Reconciliation and Friendship (Axel Schoeber)

In the pouring rain, 70,000 people walked on Sunday morning (September 22) to stand for reconciliation and friendship with First Nations in our country. The turnout, despite the weather, exceeded the dream of the native elder who initiated the idea by 60,000 and the hopes of the organizers by 20,000! Many of the walkers were Christian folk who wanted to hold out an open hand to First Nations folk. Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King and a Baptist preacher (like her father), spoke of the need to press on for justice and emphasized the need to do it without violence. It was good to be there. A good step for Canada!

Axel Schoeber
I teach Supervised Ministry and Baptist Identity, and I shepherd the Graduate Internship Program for pastors new to the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. I follow current affairs and, as an old soccer coach, I love a good game, particularly if it involves the Vancouver Whitecaps or the German national men’s team!

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