Accessing “Connect”

Since Fall 2012, our Online and Hybrid courses have been housed in a new online learning environment called “Connect”, which can be accessed at: Students who have previously logged in to WebCT Vista may continue to use the same CWL to login to Connect at the link shown above. There are some differences between WebCT Vista and Connect. Give yourself some time to explore your course site within the new Connect system.

For new students: follow the instructions below to create an account. Click here for a PDF version of the instructions” Accessing Connect PDF.


Step 1. Create a CWL (Campus Wide Login) Account. Click here to begin: Scroll down to “Getting Started” and click on “Create a CWL Account”. When the login screen opens, click “Proceed” to begin. Follow the prompts through the screens:

  1. UBC Privacy Policy page. You must click “I Agree” in order to continue.
  2. Select “Basic Account” and click “Continue”.
  3. Personal Information page. Fill in your information and choose a username, password, and security question answers. Make sure to write down this information as it is required to access your course.


Step 2. Activate your CWL Account. Look for an email from UBC IT Services to confirm your CWL. You have 72 hours to click the link and activate your account.

Step 3: Notify Carey Theological College. Send your CWL Username to Carey’s Registrar Office. We require this information to give you access to the course. Contact us via phone 604.225.5901 or email

Once you have logged in to Connect, your courses will appear as links to be followed. Note courses are typically not available until a few days before the course begins.

IT Support.

  • Additional tutorials are available at
  • The UBC IT Helpdesk is available to Carey students 24/7 via email or phone 604.822.2008. Tell them you have a BASIC account, as most callers are UBC students who have a different type of account.
  • Myrna Sears, Carey’s Director of Distributed Learning, 604.224.4308


There is an option to receive your course email outside of the course site. To receive course email to an external account (such as your personal account or on your handheld device), find your name in the dark blue band at the top of the course page. Click on the “head” icon to go to “My Places”. Click “Personal Information”, then “Edit Personal Information” and insert your external email address where specified. Click “Submit”. [Other information may be added to your profile in the same way.]