Welcome to CAREY!

Welcome to CAREY – Expect Great Things from God, Attempt Great Things for God

We are home to CAREY Theological College, Institute and Centre on the beautiful UBC campus in Vancouver, BC, CAREY is a leader of innovation and affordability in theological education.

CAREY students are able to live and work in their context of ministry or vocation while pursuing their educational goals. Many courses are offered online throughout the year, while short on-campus courses are an ideal environment for students to deepen community with each other and professors.

If you have any questions or would like to visit our campus, please contact us at 604.224.4308 (or our toll free line 1.844.862.2739) or email us at info@carey-edu.ca.

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Welcome to “For What It’s Worth”

Rob Des Cotes is a fellow pastor who worked with me in church ministry for many years. He would often introduce something profound with the comment “for what it’s worth” and it sounded to my ears a bit like the biblical “verily, verily.” Following that phrase came words that were thought out, personal, focused, sometimes confrontational or challenging, and always helpful and true. I have called ou
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