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A New Generation: Opportunity for Creative Ministry

Carey has a long history of caring for and mentoring undergraduates.

In an age where most 18 – 25 year olds are saturated with technology and media, what does Carey have to offer?

Carey represents a community and network of leaders, professionals, and educators that can train, mentor, and pass on theological foundations to a young person during their university years.

Carey Institute has partnered and developed courses in Digitial Media and Communications.

We are creating partnership with churches and non-profits to be part of our internship programs where we will lead in providing hands-on experience and  opportunities for students to develop their gifts.

Our goal is to develop more online courses that are embedded with biblical values and relate to the marketplace, the non-profit world, and digital media.

We hope to continue our legacy for leadership development, mentorship, and entrepreneurial leadership.

Our expertise and leadership in on-line education as well as our work in student leadership development is helping is find ways in engaging undergraduates.



slide4$50 will help us create materials for our leadership, mentorship, and internship programs.

$500 will help create important online resources.

$1,000 will contribute towards new technological resources for undergraduates.


We are developing partnerships with churches and non-profit groups to have our students intern in their settings. See our Digital Media and Communications ministry site: