Mentored Ministry:

Carey Institute provides oversight to the Mentored Ministry program of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC). Dr. Axel Schoeber, Associate Professor of Supervised Ministry at Carey Theological College, directs this one-year opportunity under the guidance of the CBWC’s credentials committee.

The program is intended for those who are in their first years of ministry, many of whom will be preparing for appearance before the denomination’s Ordination Examining Council. In addition, the program includes those who come to the CBWC from denominations outside of the Baptist World Alliance.

Mentored Ministry includes:

1) regular interaction between the intern and a pastoral mentor;

2) the completion of four-page evaluation forms, one by the intern, one by the mentor;

For those proceeding to ordination:

3) the development, in concert with the mentor, of several statements (about 8 pages in total) for presentation to the Ordination Examining Council (instructions are sent from the CBWC to those who are ready);

4) a mini-semester under the auspices of Carey Institute that provides opportunity for reflection on ministry and ordination, and feedback on the intern’s draft of the ordination statements.

If you have any questions about this program, please email Dr. Axel Schoeber at

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Baptist Identity course (BI):

This Baptist History and Polity course may be required for some people who wish to be credentialed with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada.

The aims of the course are threefold:

1) to identify key features of Baptist ecclesiology;

2) to acquaint students with Baptist history generally, and Canadian Baptist history in particular;

3) to reflect on the principles that Baptists have traditionally maintained.

This credit course is available through online study from January through March each year. To register for HIST 562 Baptist Identity, please contact Carey’s Associate Registrar at 604.225.5901. The cost is $900 with partial reimbursement through the CBWC. Please pay full amount to the Registrar at Carey Theological College (ATTN: Registrar’s Office, 5920 Iona Drive, Vancouver B.C., V6T 1J6).