Meet Brad Eastman: Serving God “At Any Given Time”


I’m always trying to learn new ways to teach and to help others to teach

“I’m always trying to learn new ways to teach and to help others to teach,” declares Brad. Describing himself as someone who “fell into” teaching as it “seemed to be the path to take,” he is more than adapt in being an educator. He attended a Baptist seminary to earn his M.Div., has a Ph.D. in New Testament, and an M.Ed in Adult Education. He is well-versed in contemporary educational theory and practice, and biblical studies. He believes in serving God “hopefully, at any given moment.”

Brad considers his Ph. D. committee his biggest influence: comprising of a Christian New Testament scholar, a Jewish New Testament scholar, and a Catholic nun who is a Dead Sea Scrolls scholar. “They were each very important to me. This was not just because of what they knew, but because of the kind of people they were. They taught me that the kind of person you are matters more than your accomplishments.”

Brad will be teaching The Parables You Thought You Knew seminar on February 25. Check out events-carey.ca for more information.

Institute Administrator
Assistant to VP of the Carey Institute

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