Living in the Second Half of Life

My wife Carole reads Richard Rohr quite often and I then receive emails from her to read something that might mean something to me. This one from “Falling Upward” came through the other day, and I was glad for it. Carole says, “this sounds like you.”

Living in the second half of life, I no longer have to prove that I or my group is the best, that my ethnicity is superior, that my religion is the only one that God loves, or that my role and place in society deserve superior treatment. I am not preoccupied with collecting more goods and services; quite simply, my desire and effort—every day—is to pay back, to give back to the world a bit of what I have received. I now realize that I have been gratuitously given to—from the universe, from society, and from God. I try now, as Elizabeth Seton said, “to live simply so that others can simply live.”

I just had lunch with a pastor. This sounds like her too. It might sound like you as well.

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    Commenting on your own blog is not considered the right protocol, but it occurred to me that this Rohr post is a lot like differentiation in the Family Systems Theory sense. For those in Pastoral Care this coming week with me, you might have found yet another differentiation definition.

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