Comments from Neighbors

Whenever someone says, “I love the church,” I am inclined to duck. I guess that’s what comes from being a pastor for so long. Well, “I love the church!”

What I don’t much enjoy is listening to church people talk about others in our shared world — our neighbors really — who hold different convictions and see different visions than we do. We often call these people non-Christians and when we do so, we probably don’t think of them as neighbors.

For church people (like me) humility is often not the grace it should be and “being right” is not a grace at all.

Today I came upon a Patheos article that hit me hard; just a series of quotes from neighbors. I would love you to read “What Non-Christians Want Christians to Hear” and feel as well as understand the comments of our neighbors.

The backstory is that a Christian writer posted some questions on Craigslist  all over the US asking readers how they felt about being on the receiving end of the efforts of Christian evangelicals to convert them. He wasn’t looking for Christian-bashing — he was looking for their experience.


Paddy Ducklow
My name is Paddy Ducklow. I am retired from CAREY but happy to have my past blogs here. I have had the privilege of assisting faculty, board, staff, pastors, students, etc. to write their thoughts and become published. Today, I can be found at www.theducklows.ca

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