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The kingdom of God is like the woman who searched for the lost coin or the man who sold everything so he could buy the most expensive pearl.

The pictures described are counter-intuitive or “foolish”  and the “both and” meaning  it is also Jesus and Spirit-intuitive for those who hunger and thirst for God.

Theological education and investing in growing in the Trinity, – the Father, Son, & Spirit is the priceless gem Carey students seek after.   Those far along the journey and some new to faith  have accepted the invitation to seek and give up what they need in exchange for something of God’s kingdom.

The years of study and cost of learning is worth it all.   It is a mutual investment of time, resources, prayer, and mentoring for our students and instructors.

We at Carey are excited about our students.   We love them dearly and want to send them off well.  Every student has a unique story coming and studying here and we know God has “great things” in store for them.

To those us who give towards Carey’s ministry, “we thank you.”  To those of us who supported your wife, husband, son, daughter, child, or parent, “thank you.”   To our behind the scenes administrators, staff, who make make Carey run smoothly, “we bless you.”   To the professors and instructors who have journeyed and “equipped the saints,” we echo “thank you.”

And let us all come together and thank God on this lovely May weekend.

We invite you to join us as we not only celebrate but also pray for our graduates as they commence and “GO FORTH” as followers of Jesus.   Click the above image for more details.

Click here for CALENDAR info and directions.

Institute Administrator
Assistant to VP of the Carey Institute

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