CAREY Lecture Series and Video Development


Partner with CAREY in our lecture series. We host live and on-line events as a platform for serving our churches, communities, pastors, and leaders. This includes our annual Grenz Lectures at UBC or downtown Vancouver and our Advent Series on-line. Consider giving to the development of this ministry. Our vision is to have all of our seminars, workshops, and courses filmed and accessible on-line.


Remembering Our Story

Remembering Our Story: 2015 Marks 10 years for many things...

Refugee Leadership Training and Resourcing Leaders


Partner with Carey in Refugee Leadership Training. Carey is providing access to theological training for new immigrant leaders in Winnipeg, Calgary, Central Alberta, and Vancouver.


Invest in Future Leaders


Partner with Carey to invest in future leaders.  The Charles Bentall Chair was established in 1981 for the purpose of ensuring funding for pastoral studies at Carey.  Click below to learn about a unique opportunity for a matching ratio of 1:1 from an anonymous donor.


Centre for Preaching

Centre for Preaching

Partner with Carey to help our build and equip our leaders and pastors share the Word of God through Preaching in today's context and in their communities


Pay It Forward: Create Leaders for Tomorrow


Partner with Carey to support students. If you are a Carey alumni or know one, you also know that our tuition is among the lowest in Canada. Keeping our tuition costs low means our graduates can serve the Lord without the burden of a mountain of debt.


Chinese Ministries + ReGeneration

sundayregeneration Partner with Carey to support the training of Chinese leaders in Canada, Hong Kong and China. Our Chinese Canadian Christian Leadership Network (C3LN) is growing; increasing course capacity through online resources in Canada and overseas.


Support Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Ministries and Leadership Development

Partner with Carey to develop our program and courses to empower this generation of young people to serve communities, non-profit, the church, and marketplace with biblical and foundational values.


Centre for Healthy Aging Transitions


Partner with Carey to facilitate a faith-informed approach to healthy aging and life’s transitions.  CHAT explores the challenges and opportunities of becoming an older adult (55+). This includes critical issues such as diminished energy, significance in life, work after retirement, calling, and service in our world and in our church.


Where Most Needed


Partner with Carey to give where most needed.  This is a day when leadership really matters. At home and on the mission field, innovative and reflective Christian leadership are essential for churches and ministries not only to survive, but to thrive as they share Christ in word and deed in a broken world. Carey Centre, Institute and Theological College provide practical teaching and discipleship to develop the kind of Christian leaders that can meet this challenge.


Partner With Us


Partner with Carey in East Africa. Carey is training the next generation of leaders in five denominations from Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Carey On-Campus


Carey Centre seeks to meet the ongoing demand for space on the UBC campus. We currently provide for our partners, CBWC, BCY Region, and BC Convention.  We also provide cost effective space for students to prepare for examinations, to couples for marriage retreats, to church leadership teams on retreat, to groups practicing English, and much more.


NEW 2015 - 2016 GIFT CATALOG

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Inside: Find out about Carey's ministry to Immigrant Christian Churches and Refugees, Growing Chinese Ministries, and Next Generation Education, and ministry to the Aging Population.


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Carey is a registered charity in Canada under it’s original name Carey Hall.

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