Get to know God’s ‘Renaissance Man’ Herbert H. Tsang

“I am a ‘Renaissance Man’,” exclaims Herbert H. Tsang, current president of the Church Ministry of Canada. From having three Master’s degrees and two doctorates in areas as varied as computational intelligence, algorithm design, and bioinformatics to choral and instrumental conducting and biblical worship, it’s enough proof that Herbert is more than proficient in the arts and sciences.

Herbert believes in “glorifying God by using the talent He has given [him] to the fullest extent.” He is most excited about “bringing God’s people to sing their faith through”. Herbert has just celebrated his 15th anniversary of leading a congregation singing hymns in greater Vancouver. This passion led to him being the director of the Centre for Worship at CAREY.

Learn how to use your God-given talent with Herbert as he talks about Technology through the Eyes of Faith on February 18. For more information, visit events-carey.ca.

Institute Administrator
Assistant to VP of the Carey Institute

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