Young Adult /Youth Director COQECBC

Church: Coquitlam Evangelical Chinese Bible Church (COQECBC)

We are a Mandarin speaking church seeking to establish our English Congregation of youth and young adults.


Position Title: Young Adult and Youth Director


Position Description: The Young Adult and Youth Director of COQECBC, who loves the Lord, cares for the flock, and is passionate about the Word. His duties will focus on:

1. Spiritual Teaching and Leadership Training –

a. Initiating and developing the ministry work to nurture the spiritual need of the flock,

including the equipping and discipline of the congregation.

b. Caring and providing counseling for the congregation.

c. Initiating and developing the ministry of evangelical outreach.

d. Supervising the ministry co-workers.

2. Accountability –

a. The Director is part of the ministry team and shall be accountable to the Board of


b. Upholds and supports the constitution and By-laws of COQECBC, including the

Statement of Faith, the Mission Statement, and the Statement of goals.

Hours per week: Part time; specifics to be determined by contract (including bursaries)

Time: Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons

Language: English; Mandarin speaking an asset.

Include on resume:
church background; ministry experience; education; year in Seminary.

All applications are to be received by April 15th, 2014.

Please email resumes to,

Pastor Stella Liu