Part-Time Music Minister, Richmond BC

Part -Time Permanent Music Minister at St. John’s Richmond. Applicants can contact us with a resume and cover letter at:




Job Posting:

Part-Time Permanent Music Minister at St. John’s Richmond Church

Posted: March 15, 2014 Starting: May 17, 2014 Hours: 10 hours per week Pay: $25.00 per hour


St. John’s Richmond (SJR) was planted from St. John’s Vancouver (SJV) in 2007. We are a congregation in the Anglican Network in Canada, keenly pursuing an orthodox Biblical Christianity within an Anglican framework. We are a congregation where the word is faithfully preached and the sacraments duly administered. SJR has about 100 people who attend on Sunday mornings, with about 160 people involved in various ways throughout the week. Our Sunday morning corporate worship is liturgical (based on the 1962 Canadian Book of Common Prayer), and formal. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper approximately every third Sunday. We enjoy an eclectic musical breadth (traditional hymns and newly-written songs). Music is lead primarily from the grand piano. There is a committed cohort of about a dozen adults who participate in a choir that meets for much of the year. We meet at Trinity Lutheran Church in central Richmond.


At SJR, we trust that the Bible is God’s living word for today, and points people of all ages to the Living Word, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is our conviction that when the word of God is preached, taught, sung, and applied, especially in the context of loving Christian community, spiritual fruit results. Our specific mission is to foster:

  1. maturing faith in Jesus Christ (as disciples, with mind, soul, and body)
  2. love for one another
  3. witness to those around us

Job Description:

The Music Minister will provide musical leadership in the congregation in the following ways:

  1. 1)  Sunday Morning Corporate Worship Service Music (Weekly Responsibility)
    1. a)  Selecting, arranging and organizing music appropriate for SJR liturgical services (congregational songs, both old and new, incidental music, and children’s musicwhen appropriate)
    2. b)  Arranging for necessary permission for music used (CCLI) and acquiringadditional music resources within the budget allocated
    3. c)  Coordinating with those responsible for planning and printing the bulletin eachweek, including supplying electronic copies of music to be inserted in bulletin
    4. d)  During the service:
      1. i)  Foster congregational singing
      2. ii)  Take leadership of instrumental accompaniment, including but not limited to:(1) playing piano (an organ is available for occasional use)
        (2) preparing and leading other instrumentalists from within and outside thecongregation when appropriate
      3. iii)  Lead singing vocally with microphone as needed
  2. 2)  Foster Musical and Choral gifts from within the Congregation
    1. a)  Seek and include instrumentalists and/or vocalists from the church body tosupport the musical leadership of gathered worship when possible
    2. b)  Develop vocal gifts and leadership through choirs or other vocal groups
  3. 3)  Other Initiatives
    1. a)  Instruct the congregation through music, where feasible
    2. b)  Serve children’s ministry with music for various events
    3. c)  Help lead our annual Carol Sing
    4. d)  Seasonal Congregational singing in local Seniors’ Residences (2 times per year)
  4. 4)  Planning and Communication
    1. a)  Meet with other Staff approximately every 6 weeks. Coordinate ongoing andseasonal music ministry with other ministry areas
    2. b)  Meet with Rector as needed to discuss vision, progress, and pastoral needs
    3. c)  Timely email communication with other staff and Clergy is essential



Ministry Model

The SJR Music Ministry is modeled on New Testament teaching concerning the centrality of Jesus Christ, the life of the church, and the edification of believers. “Worship” in the New Testament includes the whole of life lived in response to the Gospel of God (Romans 12:1-2). “Worship,” then, includes both the goal and activity of the corporate gathering of the church, and the larger way of life of Christians. In the Bible, worship is never reduced simply to the musical element of a gathering, or to the gathering itself.

The New Testament reality is that the people of God gather as earthly participants of the heavenly gathering that is eternal and ongoing (Hebrews 12:18-24; Revelation 4:8- 11). In this sense, as we share with the saints in the worship of our Creator, we are involved in something transcendent and beautiful, yet grounded in the Cross of Christ and affecting the spiritual experience of his people. Our gathered worship (and the musical offering in it) must reflect the holiness and wisdom of God. This has numerous practical applications for music ministry leadership at SJR:

  • It must be God-centered, and offer praise to him for his kindness to us in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We seek to worship the risen Lord, rather than elevate or highlight the music leader.
  • Our goal is that every person participate as fully as they are able in song, and that they hear one another, for our gathered worship is fundamentally an occasion of fellowship with God and one another. Virtuoso solo performances are not the main focus.
  • Biblically faithful music ministry may not be ‘flawless’ but must be ‘accomplished,’ so that the congregation will willingly follow the lead of the music minister, who in their ability is giving glory to God with all they are, using their gifts and training to serve the people of God.
  • Ultimately, music ministry must edify the church, helping it to be a place where outsiders “…will declare that God is really among you” (1 Cor. 14.24-25).




The primary task of the Music Minister is to serve the congregation, to enable them to praise God worthily. The Music Minister, according to the example set by Jesus in the gospels, must be

  1. Faithful, serving the Lord Jesus Christ as a minister of the word, with godly and proven character, communicating God’s gospel
  2. Prayerful, operating in conscious dependence upon God and his grace
  3. Relational, knowing and loving people as individuals; being present to them.The Music Minister is not simply a ‘technician,’ (proficient in playing instrumentsand music), but is pastorally interested in edifying their fellow believers
  4. Ambitious for gospel growth and witness through the congregation and itsmusic ministry

Specifically, the Music Minister must have: • Relevant musical qualifications

o Grade 10 piano RCM certificate or ARCT and/or undergraduate musical degree an asset

o Ability to play by ear is desired
o Ability to lead congregational singing from the piano
o Experience singing in and/or leading a church choir preferred

  • Specific experience in music ministry leadership in a church setting
  • Sufficient Biblical understanding to select appropriate music for worship
  • Familiarity with Anglican liturgical corporate worship
  • Access to a wide variety of ‘traditional’ and ‘contemporary’ music, and the abilityto be the primary selector of music for the weekly service, and special services
  • Ability to train people in sharing musical gifts appropriately
  • Administrative fluency:o E-mail communications with choir
    o Clear communication with other Staff at SJR by email or in person o Assist with production of weekly bulletin
  • Ability to get to 7100 Granville Avenue on Sunday mornings and one to two evenings during the week
  • Compliance with ANiC “Plan to Protect” Policy requiredMinistry Staff at SJR must maintain the conviction of saving faith as outlined in Scripture and the historic Creeds, and be familiar with the 39 Articles of the Book of Common Prayer.




The Music Minister will be directly supervised by the Rector. The Music Minister is accountable to the Rector. The Music Minister will receive ongoing evaluation in various forms, including informal feedback, congregational feedback, a probationary period of three months, a formal 6 month review, and a yearly review. The Directors (the leadership team at SJR) support the Rector in his responsibility to care for and evaluate staff.


Apply by sending resume and cover letter to Applications will be received until the position is filled.

Hours, Notice, and Salary
Salary and Hours: $250.00 per week, before deductions, @ 10hrs per week.
In case of changing needs of SJR, the number of hours may be changed upon 30 days notice – unless shorter notice period is agreed upon by both parties.
Overtime: The position is regarded as a management position and is exempt, as described in the Employment Standards Act and Regulations, from payment for overtime worked. If the Employee finds the number of hours allocated to the role is not sufficient, he/she is encouraged to discuss his/her allocation of hours with the SJR Rector who shall bring the issue to the SJR Directors.
Sundays Away: The Music Minister will seek coverage for Sundays away from SJR (up to 4 Sundays per year unless otherwise arranged with Rector and Directors). Possible sources of substitutes: within the congregation, or at TLC. Assistance will be given to help find suitable replacements. Sundays away may be considered either as vacation or as part of an hourly reduction, to be determined by Directors.
Provision of Notice if leaving position: 1 month, in writing, addressed to SJR Rector.
Pay Period: Every 15th and end of each month, unless otherwise agreed upon.
Federal Tax; EI; CPP: Will be deducted from the regular paycheck.
Salary: Thisisasalariedpositionasdetailedabove.
Start Date: May 17, 2014, unless otherwise negotiated.
VacationPay: TheEmployeewillearnavacationentitlement(“VacationPay”)accordingtothe BC Employment Standards Act. Vacation pay is payable at least seven days before the start of the annual vacation, or on regular pay days if agreed to in writing by the employer and the employee. Vacation will (tentatively) be two weeks, with some flexibility due to the nature of the position.
Eligibility and Privacy: In accordance with Canadian Immigration requirements, this advertisement is directed to people who are eligible for employment in Canada at the time of application. St. John’s Richmond is committed to the principle of equity in employment and offers equal employment opportunities to qualified applicants.
Information collected on application documents is directly related to and needed by SJR to process applications for this position, and will only be used for this purpose.

St. John’s Richmond Church, 7100 Granville Avenue, Richmond, B.C., V6Y 1N8 A Parish of the Anglican Network in Canada

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