Disconnected – ET Call Home!

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I walk pass this sign many times a day when I am at Carey and I find myself musing, “ET call home.” I feel some tragic nostalgia for the movie and for the reality that ET would never make it without a connected landline.

So the question I am pondering is, “Are we at Carey disconnected?” I mean who uses pay phones anymore? And who uses a phone to actually phone anybody? If you start arguing for the landline or for payphones or for your Nokia flip phone as being state of the art, then I understand that it is not only the phone that is disconnected.

Here is my oft-spoken bias: I want Carey Theological College to be connected with God as well as with culture and with people. I want us talking about gay marriage as well as the meaning of Biblical “one flesh” and covenant theology. I want us to figure out how preaching relates to the culture of Jian Gomeshi’s interviews. I want us to engage on emergent theology and narrative therapy. I want us all to do “stranger interviews” (as we do in my Character and Call classes) so that we can think the thoughts of Muslims, workers, academic worriers, children and Starbucks baristas. I want us to connect to people and to God. Not for the good of the others near so much as for our wellbeing and our future.

Paddy Ducklow
My name is Paddy Ducklow. I am retired from CAREY but happy to have my past blogs here. I have had the privilege of assisting faculty, board, staff, pastors, students, etc. to write their thoughts and become published. Today, I can be found at www.theducklows.ca

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