Daily Light (Faith Knoll)

If you are a student at Carey Theological College you will certainly know Faith Knoll. She is the lovely presence who administrates your academic life. Like my high school teacher friend tells me, “Always be best friends with the custodian;” I say to you, “always be best friends with the Associate Registrar!” She knows what grades you are getting and, by the way, keeps this all to herself!

I asked Faith what were some of her spiritual practices and she spoke about her reading the Daily Light in the morning and evening. She reads the morning sections in English and the evening in French so that she can parse the slight nuances of the Bible text. I find this impressive. Many of us read Scripture passively without engaging or perhaps even without thinking. Faith does not approach the Word of God this way; in fact, she says she reads the Scriptures to “hear from God.” Now that is a good way to read the Bible!

If you have taken my courses in “Character and Call” (Yes, this is an ad!) you will know what I mean by “vocation.” A vocational learner is one who listens to the spoken word of God (the “vocatio”) and who is motivated by the word heard. I think this is a true summary of Faith Knoll.

Another couple of bits you should know about Faith: she is a very early riser (she gets to Carey at 6 am) and she is a very eager Pray-er. When you have been prayed for by Faith Knoll, I tell you, you have been well prayed for. Perhaps when you are worried that you are going to fail a course, you should call Faith. Call her at 6 am.

Joyce Chan
Dr. Joyce Chan is Carey’s VP Academic, Associate Professor of Church History, and Director of the ReGeneration Program. Joyce has a deep sense of calling toward nurturing and formative ministries expressed within the framework of congregational and institutional life.

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