Counting Fish (Barbara Mutch)

While it does not surprise me that Scripture reading and prayer are part of the daily lives of those who teach at Carey Theological College, I am discovering that there is one other spiritual practice that is held in common in some way or another by each of these colleagues with whom I walk.  It goes by different names and looks a little different for each person, but it is a practice shared by us all. One of us practices it around the dinner table with the family every evening. Another does it each morning before his feet ever hit the floor. The daily fruit of it makes it way into the journal of a third. It  is the thing that an early Jesus-follower said his companions must never omit, on the rare occasion when they couldn’t do any other spiritual practice. It’s known as examen, or identifying consolations and desolations, or perhaps paying attention. In this lovely posting, it is known simply as counting fish. Would you tell us something of what it means to you?

Barbara Mutch
I like snow shoeing and tulips and doing the NY Times crossword puzzle, I am formed by the poetry of Mary Oliver and the big skies of Saskatchewan. I love the opportunity to walk with men and women in a deepening life of God, and to explore together what it means to make a life in the way of Jesus.

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