“Carey on the Road” is the Carey Institute’s initiative to provide theological education to the whole people of God, within the local church context.

Our church based program is a unique opportunity that allows for a group of students from a cluster of churches, to study theology together without leaving home.

The Carey Institute is offering a ten-course undergraduate Certificate in Ministry (CMin) in Winnipeg.  These courses may also be taken at the Diploma in Ministry (graduate) level.  The courses are practical, contextual and affordable. They are intended for men and women, new Christians, weary Christians, urban, rural, singles, couples, immigrants, employed, under-employed — everyone who wants to follow Jesus.



BIBL 103: Biblical Interpretation – Reading and Speaking the Text
Location: Broadway- First Baptist Church, Winnipeg
790 Honeyman Ave, Winnipeg MB
Dates: Begins April 11 2015
Times: 9:00 to 12:00 noon and from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.
Instructor: Rev. Dr. Joseph Kibwaa
Local Contact: Rev. Joe Welty |
The gospel message was lived by Jesus in a setting and culture quite different from that in which we live today. When the writers of the scriptures recorded the message, they in turn presented the gospel to people in other cultural settings. The word of God has always needed to be presented so the hearers of the message can understand. This course is intended to acknowledge the various cultural differences of the students and at the same time present ways of approaching Biblical interpretation which maintains the integrity of the authority of those scriptures



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Local Contact: Rev. Joe Welty |

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