“Carey on the Road” is the Carey Institute’s initiative to provide theological education to the whole people of God, within the local church context.

Our church based program is a unique opportunity that allows for a group of students from a cluster of churches, to study theology together without leaving home.

The Carey Institute is offering a ten-course undergraduate Certificate in Ministry (CMin) in Winnipeg.  These courses may also be taken at the Diploma in Ministry (graduate) level.  The courses are practical, contextual and affordable. They are intended for men and women, new Christians, weary Christians, urban, rural, singles, couples, immigrants, employed, under-employed — everyone who wants to follow Jesus.

THIS SUMMER: Free Writing Course led by Loralee Dyck

Classes will run from 10-12 on Saturdays with a focus more on communicating and organizing thoughts than language and grammar issues.

J‎uly 26 -         How to structure an idea (building an argument)

August 9 -       Connecting ideas and sequencing thoughts

August 30 -    Identifying the difference between opinions and facts

September 6 – Expectations for academic writing (i.e. When to cite? What is plagiarism? Knowing the difference between a   personal reflection, book review, exegetical paper, etc.)

Local Contact: Rev. Joe Welty |

NEW COURSE FOR THE FALL:  The Pauline Epistles to the Church of Corinth DRAFT


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Local Contact: Rev. Joe Welty |

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