“Carey on the Road” is the Carey Institute’s initiative to provide theological education to the whole people of God, within the local church context. Our church based program is a unique opportunity that allows for a group of students from a cluster of churches, to study theology together without leaving home.


The Carey Institute offers a ten-course undergraduate Certificate in Ministry (CMin).  These courses may also be taken at the Diploma in Ministry (graduate) level.  The courses are practical, contextual and affordable. They are intended for men and women, new Christians, weary Christians, urban, rural, singles, couples, immigrants, employed, under-employed – everyone who wants to follow Jesus.

Central Alberta Contact: Erwin Buchholz |

CURRENT COURSE OFFERING: Who Are These People? Learning to Talk to Strangers

Instructor: Dr. Bill Dyck
Dates: Feb 27, Mar 19, Apr 2, Apr 16
Location: Lacombe Baptist Church, Lacombe, AB
Time: 9:30am – 3:30pm with a half hour break for lunch
Course description:
This course will seek to have students: become attuned to their own and to others’ values, beliefs, and assumptions about the world; understand how communication works between people from different cultures; understand the nature of the Gospel; and apply what they have learned about worldview and culture, communication, and the Gospel through simulations, class activities, and interactions with people from other cultures.
About the Bill Dyck:
Bill has extensive multicultural experience serving Canada’s indigenous people as well as pastoring  a congregation that meet in four languages in the heart of Calgary.  Bill was a seminary professor in Indonesia for over 10 years. He recently earned degree in worldview studies and enjoys teaching and helping people to understand each other.
$300.00 payable at the time of application plus the cost of books.  We are trying to get the cost of basic text books underwritten by a donor. Students who do not have the necessary funds may contact Erwin Buchholz at for assistance.
Course format:
Students will, upon completion, receive the Carey issued, undergraduate Certificate of Ministry. CMin courses are accredited and transferrable (Bible college). Each course will be taught over a period of 5 sessions meeting on Saturdays, for 6 hours per day. Students must attend all sessions and complete assigned work to graduate.








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