Carey Institute’s Centre for Worship Studies received a grant


Carey Institute’s Centre for Worship Studies received a grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (CICW) that will fund a year-long project themed “Psalms for All Ages.”  It is a series of workshops and seminars that will equip pastors and lay worship leaders in planning and leading worship experiences that minister to congregational members of all ages.

CICW director John Witvliet states that these “projects have much to teach us and we are eager to learn from them…. Worship renewal is not something that human ingenuity or creativity alone can produce or engineer. It is a gift of God’s Spirit, a gift for which we pray, rather than an accomplishment we achieve. So, even as we announce these grants, and as we look forward to the work these recipients will do in the coming year, we also pray.”

Pray for Carey as we work to develop our project over the coming months and welcome others to the journey of worship renewal.    To read more and get a copy of the press release click  here or the image to the left.

Esther Kitchener
Assistant to VP of the Carey Institute

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