Books for the Beach (Craig Smith)

This is Craig’s vote for best beach book and it is a great one. It is also on my “Leadership” biblio so if you read it this summer, you can count it for reading credit for the course. Here is what Craig writes:

This is an old book but one I recently read. Henri Nouwen In the Name of Jesus. The short length of this book is deceiving since some might conclude that it cannot examine the topic of leadership with any real insight. This is not true. Readers are in for treat. Nouwen does not rework old ideas rather how presents leadership in an entirely different light starting from a place of weakness and contemplative prayer as the way forward. Nothing could be more antithetical to the way of the world and evangelical leadership today. Whew! A breath of fresh air.  

Paddy Ducklow
My name is Paddy Ducklow. I am retired from CAREY but happy to have my past blogs here. I have had the privilege of assisting faculty, board, staff, pastors, students, etc. to write their thoughts and become published. Today, I can be found at www.theducklows.ca

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