Aging Matters 2016 Seminar Series
Dates: This seminar has been postponed. Please visit our events page for updates on rescheduling.
Location: Carey Centre, 5920 Iona Drive UBC
Time: 9:00-4:30
Cost: $90/Saturday or $250 for all 3 Saturdays as a seminar participant | $320/credit if taking it for academic credit
Instructors: Dr. Paul Stevens & Dr. Paul Pearce

Every ten seconds someone in North America becomes a senior. This demographic reality has inspired both fear and hope. In this course we will explore the challenges and opportunities of becoming a senior, including critical issues such as diminished energy, the search for significance, continuing to work after work, calling and service in the world and church.

This course is designed to help those needing to address the issues of aging—whether seniors themselves or people working with seniors (e.g., pastors, counsellors, social workers)—from a Christian perspective. In light of the realities of aging, the course will address the issues of vocation, meaning and security, and spirituality. There will be lectures, case studies, interviews and guests. There are no prerequisites for the course and the experience can be attributed to a graduate program or simply be a learning encounter.


This series of three Saturday seminars is offered by Carey and may also be taken for academic credit.  Credit students may register with Carey Theological College and will attend one additional Saturday seminar on May 14 to complete the course requirements. Regent College students wishing to take this course can register with Carey Theological College and transfer the credits.

Register for credit here or contact the Registrar at | 604.225.5908

Register for Saturday seminars here or contact the Carey Institute at | 604.225.5917

Aging Matters Seminar Series Topics:

Part I: Soulful Wellness for Maturing People

Part II: Finishing Well: Late and End of Life Issues and Care with Maturing People

Part III: Aging and the Church: Ministry to and by Maturing People

Part IV for credit students only (May 14):  Credit students will present their papers to the group for interaction and learning.