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I first admired the national and international work of Carey’s faculty and staff during my years of service in Europe and Africa in ministries of church planting, education and sustainable community

development.  I am delighted to join Carey as the new President, building on the leadership of Brian Stelck to make theological education practical, accessible and transformational in Canada and further afield.

In the coming months you will be hearing about some new initiatives at Carey. These include expanding training opportunies for ministry in Asian contexts, strengthening a focus on Christian mission and justice, and new offerings through our Centre for Healthy Aging Transitions (C.H.A.T.).

Colin Godwin, President


Thank you for your support of the ministry of CAREY THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE,

Your prayerful giving continues to impact students, churches, and communities around the world.








Carey Theological College is a leader of innovation and affordability in theological education.   Carey students are able to live and work in their context of ministry or  vocation while pursuing their educational goals.   Many courses are offered online throughout the year, while short on-campus courses are an ideal environment for students to deepen community with each other and professors.


Since 2009, 85% of students graduate from Carey debt free because of low tuition.




“Students have described our courses as extremely relevant”.


Students are enriched and equipped for ministry through foundational courses such as:

Pastoral Care

Character and Call

Supervised Ministry

Worship: Theology & Praxis

Many Carey professors have served in church and vocational contexts external to the academy.  All share a passion to mentor, challenge, and inspire students to serve and lead others in an ever changing global culture.


“It is difficult to imagine receiving the same blessings in  my study and ministry had it not been for Carey. Answering God’s call to pursue an education in theology and vocational ministry comes with the expectation of a long and difficult process.  Add to this a full-time work schedule, along with many other responsibilities, and the chances of completing any program in higher education seemed highly

unlikely. But Carey made this possible for me. The online learning environment gives me the freedom to pursue an education without it becoming a burden on the rest of life.

To say that Carey is accessible, practical and transformational is to speak of exactly what Carey has done for me. Studying at Carey has enabled me to pursue an education I once thought was out of reach, and has been instrumental in my formation as a person and as a Christian.“



page6transformInward and outward transformation are core values Carey holds for its vision as a seminary, institute, and community.

Carey extends its work by providing resource seminars and conferences to over 2500 participants from over 120 different churches through the Carey Institute.

The Carey Institute equips churches and individuals in ministry, personal development and spiritual growth through workshops, seminars, and retreats. Rooted in Scripture, programs at Carey emphasize spiritual formation, theological reflection, proclamation, justice, integral mission, leadership and service.



Mary first heard about Carey through DMin graduate, Dr. Ross Bailey, who was her pastor at the time.   She says, “He was the one who taught me to read the Bible.  I couldn’t get enough of it.  I just ate it up.” With what she learned from Carey alum Ross Bailey, she studies the Bible on her own and meets with God each day.   Mary continues to pray for, and give to the ongoing ministry of Carey.

Carey is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and

Canada (ATS), which ensures that quality educational standards are maintained

and accredited programs are recognized by other theological schools.



This year through ‘Carey on the Road,’

Carey faculty have taught and spoken in congregations across North America, Asia, and Africa. 

In Eastern Africa alone, there are close to 215 Carey alumni.



Carey continues to

impact churches and

communities locally

and globally.






“It is a joy serving at Carey. I am excited to bring my cross-cultural experience as well as my passion for leadership, education, missions, and church planting to Carey.”
Dr. Colin Godwin, BBA, MA, MDiv, PhD



“I love the opportunity to walk with men and women in a deepening life of God, and to explore together what it means to make a life in the way of Jesus.”
Dr. Barbara Mutch, BRE, MACM, DMin
Vice President Academic, Charles Bentall Professor of Ministry



“I feel so privileged to have deep conversations on a regular basis that allow me to encourage and stretch others in their life or ministry.”
Dr. Axel Schoeber, BEd, MDiv, ThM, MA, DMin, PhD
Associate Professor of Supervised Ministry, Director of the Graduate Internship Program



“I have had the opportunity to develop a personal and global approach to learning. I believe that theological education should be holistic, enga- ging students intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, relationally and professionally.”
Dr. Craig Smith, BComm, MDiv, ThM, PhD
Professor of Bible



“I delight in the enthusiasm, openness, breadth and depth of our students.
Dr. Jonathan Wilson, BA, MCS, MDiv, PhD
Pioneer McDonald Professor of Theology and Ethics



“I enjoy teaching. I also sense a calling toward nurturing and formative ministries within both congregational and institutional frameworks and want to equip the body of Christ.”
Dr. Chung-Yan Joyce Chan, BSc, MDiv, PhD
Associate Professor of Church History and Multi-Cultural Studies Director of the North American Chinese Ministries Program



“I am a lifelong learner. Exploring ideas, technology, culture, Scripture, or faith formation, is life-giving to me. It gives me joy to pass along to others what I have experienced on this journey.”
Rev. Myrna Sears, BA, MA [CE], MDE
Vice President Carey Institute, Director of Distributed Learning


“I teach the warm, human, vulnerable and resilient (but still academic) stuff – the courses that relate to a theology of persons, power, hope, emotion, relationship, Jesus and the practical implications of the very real incarnation and the difference this makes.”
Dr. Patrick Ducklow, BA, MA, MDiv, DMin, R. Psych.
Erb-Gullison Professor of Family Ministry






We are excited about the publications Carey Faculty have contributed that reflect a passion for the history of Christianity and the transformational truths of the word of God for the people of God.

Colin Godwin’s Baptizing, Gathering, and Sending connects the Anabaptist mission in the 17th century context with the living out of the Great Commission.

Joyce Chan’s Rediscover the Fading Memories: The Early Chinese Canadian Christian History documents the rich history and mission among the Chinese diaspora in Canada.

Jonathan Wilson’s God’s Good World:  Reclaiming the Doctrine of Creation teaches us to see God’s purpose for all creation in Jesus Christ and to live according to that purpose now.


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